Llwyn Iolyn (Iolyn or Iolo's bush/copse) was once a sizable farm but was reduced a number of years ago to a 10 acre small holding. It is situated approximately 1,000 feet above sea level with far reaching views, from the rollong hills of Cefn Ddwysarn to the Berwyn Mountains beyond.
Bala is just 3 miles from Cefn Ddwysarn and sits as the gateway to Snowdonia with Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake), the largest natural lake in Wales, as its centrepiece. The area encompasses the wealth of nature shaped by generations of families dedicated to the land.
Sunrise is one of the most spectacular times of day at Llwyn Iolyn as the sun rises over the Berwyns in the distance.
Llwyn Iolyn was once part of the vast Rhiwlas Estate, which was also the home of the first recorded Sheepdog Trial, the renowned Price family and the first open World Sheepdog Trial that was held in 2002.
It is said that the house was a quaker house and dates back to c. 1700. Although it has been extensively renovated over the years, it still retains much of its character, with old fireplaces and walls 2'6'' thick.
The sheep flock at Llwyn Iolyn has evolved from Welsh Mountain to texel and Beltex Texel crosses. These are basically kept for working dogs but must pay for their keep by producing lambs for market.
What was once a dairy is now the dining room and the living room which is open to the rafters, was originally where the corn wouild have been milled and hay chopped. An opening, that is now a window, led out to a circular walkway where the farm horse would have turned the cogs that drove the chaf cutter and the corn mill.
The World Trial brought some much needed regeneration to the area following the devastation of the Foot and Mouth epidemic of 2001.


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