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          The International Sheepdog Society since acquiring the support of the Directors at the AGM in 2009 and the Council in 2010, the Archive Project has moved full steam ahead. Many members have donated their ISDS memorabilia in order to help to fill inthe gaps in our hundred year history: ISDS trial programmes, Working Sheepdog News, Scottish Sheepdog Handlers, and numerous newspaper reports going back top the late 1800�s. Old ISDS trial programmes and newspaper reports of both ISDS major trials and local trials are especially helpful, particularly those from the distant past. Personal scrapbooks are invaluable, as they highlight prominent handlers and their dogs. 

         Such a collection of items presents a great deal of work to be translated into a format that can be shared with ISDS members. This will be done by articles and books on prominent handlers and dogs, both from the present and the past, and by the formation of a website covering our heritage.
Data collection has involved interviews with eminent members, and finding out who holds invaluable personal collections. We can only thank all contributors, and endeavour to continue to make the information freely available. In doing so, some charitable obligations of the Society are upheld by recording the
heritage of the shepherd and his dog, in such a way that culture and traditions are preserved by passing from one generation to another. 

         The list of contributors is fairly lengthy to date with articles pending on Bill Fleming (Ayrshire), Bob Tulloch (Inverness-shire), Allan and Mary Heaton (Yorkshire), Dave Thompson and Terry Stephens (Romney Marsh),James Brady and Hartford Logan (Northern Ireland), and Clarence Storey (Lancashire).

From the distant past, there is a great deal of information on J. M. Wilson (Scottish Borders), the Longtons, and the Holmes Brothers (West Yorkshire), to name but a few, highlighting a farming lifestyle of years gone by.

          Early trial reports are fascinating, and reports of early ISDS trials, including the Hyde Park Trials. They show the evolution of sheepdog trialling and its valuable contribution to shepherding today. Barbara Carpenter has a captivating collection of information, that she continues to share. There is also more detailed information on handlers who have already been featured in the International Sheepdog News, too vast to put into the magazine. 

         The Archive is being managed by Kim Gibson (tel: 01765 658082,  and Andrew Hall (ISN Editor). 

Representatives in each of the countries includes the following:
England (Barbara Carpenter, Andy Jackman, Terry Stephens),
Ireland (Con McGarry, Simon Mosse, Eric Barfoot), 
Scotland (Jessie Main, Johnny Robinson),
Wales (Sue Main, David Rees).

All enquiries and contributions welcome, especially those detailing where further information can be found.

Ref. to Shepherd's Suppers...Denbighshire
For several years, however, he sang largely at community events such as shepherds' suppers. John Wright, singer and shepherd, born June 22 1947; died February 7 2008

Snippets of information relating to the N Wales Trials
John Pritchard, Alan Jones' uncle always wore a bowler hat. Won the International Brace in Ruthin with fan and Tiger.
Tommy Roberts was first to win the International for Wales in 1924 with Jaff (Jaff being the N Wales Sheepdog Society's emblem) whom he bought from Scotland for £50. Everyone thought he was mad because £50 was a small fortune in the 1920s but he won £200 in his first season. Tommy Roberts was an uncle to the late Meirion Jones.
R.J.Hughes'  Jaff. R J Hughes was a renowned breeder; Jaff was classed by many as the best driving dog of all time - winning the National and International driving Championship 3 yrs running.
Will Goodwin was in the team many times, whistled like a canary, especially when things were going well.
Ivor Jones, St Asaph, Tremendous trials handler. He won the Intenational qualifier at Chatsworth. Was a good singles and brace handler but hated shedding. Renowned dog - Jim

John Jones, Corwen was Meirion Jones' father...considered to be one of the best trainers of all time - trialled a dog every year then sold it and had more ready for the next season

S Williams (poss M S Williams) Little man with a fine mustache and a trilby - good handler and in the team a few times.

J T Jones, father of garnet Jones and a handler of immense quality. Father and son both died at the same time. On visiting his wife shortly after they died there was a display cabinet with 2 massive Rose bowls and a cup between them - J T had won them outright at GlynCeiriog and Vivod. J M Wilson and Jimmy Millar would have come trialling to the area at that time and he had won against them.

John Jones, Trawsfynydd, one of the best handlers in Wales i his generation, dropped dead in Dwyran Trial , Anglesey.

R O Williams, Good handler and been in team a few times.

O W Rowlands, used to race greyhounds. Remember him running at Hiraethog and in the team many times.

William John Jones (Will Carwad)  Judged a lot and was Welsh President.

Comments on some of the handlers competing at Trefriw Trial in the Conwy Valley in ? by  G Jones, Penmachno
Early sheepdog Trial project    has a great deal of local trial information and history.